Embroidery and Personalization – Make your Uniform Personal

At TOGS you can enjoy an exclusive experience with our various services.

Our team of experts will evaluate the clients needs and provide them with a consistent service of excellence. We will be supportive and at your disposal throughout the entire process of, designing, sampling, manufacturing and delivery, managing to build a strong professional partnership with our client.

The design team at TOGS will meet your needs for special tailor-made requests, helping the client develop an idea into a tangible result.

Our company’s designs differentiate us from other competitors in the market but it’s the industries know-how and ability to customize the clients uniform with new visuals that meet their requirements, that really boosts our brand.

Please contact our team by filling in the forms to request a quote for our services. Any service will be budgeted in advance and carried out with the authorization of the customer after payment.


Specialising in providing a personal service in quality uniforms, fully embroidered and customisable to suit your needs.

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Personalized prints for your uniform or other textile products. Guarantee of premium printing quality resistant to frequent washing. Contact us and we will assure you the best consulting for an optimized final solution. Trust us!

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TOGS makes high quality nametapes for children’s clothes, retirement home clothing, hospital stays, sportswear, workwear, uniforms, scarves etc. Simply sew or iron-on your nametapes into any garment. Colour fast to washing and dry cleaning. Cash’s sew-in woven tapes take up to 30 characters & spaces. 8mm wide tape. Length varies with name length.

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